Mix Talks Official

Mix Talks Official

Deon Mix surprised most in the state of Mississippi when he committed to Mississippi State over several other suitors. Since making his pledge, Mix has remained faithful to the Bulldogs. This weekend the talented offensive lineman took his official visit to Starkville to learn more about his future home.

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"Oh, man we had so much fun," said Mix. "It was a great weekend.

"In many ways, it was sort of like all of the other visits for me, because I have been down there so much.

"I didn't really learn anything new, I just enjoyed being with the other guys.

"We all spent a lot of time together and we talked a lot about football and everything we want to do when we get up there next year."

Mix reports that he enjoyed spending time with all of the players who were in town for the official trip.

"It was good to see everybody again and the Alexander twins where there," said Mix. "I know they had a good time and I feel like they are going to be Bulldogs with all of us.

"I spent a lot of time with Chris (Jones). I know a lot of people are coming at him, but I know we're going to play together.

"We're all trying to do something special at Mississippi State. We want to build a dynasty together."

Mix reports that he has recently learned some things about people and places around the world who are in need of assistance.

"I have been really getting into my global studies class," said Mix. "I have learned a lot about the people in the Congo that are dying for things like cell phones and minerals and things like that.

"A lot of the same things we take for granted, they are over there dying for.

"It's just not right and I want people to know that I care about things besides football.

"Seeing this kind of stuff makes me want to get some kind of job where I can help people when I get out of college.

"I feel like if more athletes talked about this sort of thing, we could really change some things in the world."

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