Wilson Details Weekend Visit

Wilson Details Weekend Visit

Jonathan Wilson was uncertain what to think when the Coaching change happened at Southern Miss. Now that he has taken his official visit, he not only is excited, but he feels more confident than ever that he has made the best choice for him. He talked about his weekend with GoldenEaglePride.com.

"It went real good, I feel like I have a strong bond with the coaches and will fit right in," Wilson said of his weekend visit.

The 6'6, 260lb. defensive lineman said the visit offered him another perspective.

"I enjoyed just touring the campus and hanging with the players and getting a grasp of what college life is about," he added. "I really enjoyed hanging with the defensive lineman and learning some tricks of the trade.

"We ate real well too."

His host was Michael Smith, current defensive lineman, and he said he enjoyed the time getting to hang out with him.

Coach Monken eased any fears he may have had of a coaching change.

"I like Coach Monken a lot and he just built on what I thought of him," he said. "He wants to play fast and physical and I love what he's going to do with our program."

Coach Smith also made a big impression on the big man.

"I liked him a lot, and what he's going to do with the program," he said. "He has NFL pedigree, and he knows what it takes to get us as players to the next level.

"My eyes were opened to what it is going to take to be successful, and I'm going to start while I'm here getting ready for it. I can't wait to get down there, I know that."

He said the coaches plan on him being a defensive tackle and getting in the rotation right away. He is 260 right now, they want him to be 280 when he comes in.

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