UA Game: Staff Surprises

DE Chris Jones

The FOX Sports NEXT team saw plenty of talen this week at practice for the Under Armour All-American Game. There were several things that surprised the team this week and you can read about them all right here.

Brandon Huffman

Derwin Gray showed great footwork and hand placement and was one of the more flexible linemen and more athletic than I expected.

Kennedy Tulimasealii – what he lacked in size he made up for with a quick first step and a motor that wouldn't quit. He wasn't playing laid back at all.

Chad Simmons

Robbie Rhodes is the guy who really surprised me this week. He is over 6-feet tall and he has a burst when he gets the ball in his hands. He is very fluid, he caught everything thrown his way, and he was clearly the top receiver for me this week.

John Garcia, Jr.

My first surprise was Ben Boulware and how he was consistently the most hyped as well as the best linebacker on his team during all three days. His leadership, energy, and nose for the ball cannot go unnoticed.

My second surprise is how inconsistent the overall quarterback play was. Christian Hackenberg was the best on Day 1, Shane Morris was the best on Day 2, and Cooper Bateman on Day 3. Neither was solid each day, however.

Amy Campbell

My two biggest surprises this week were Mississippi State defensive end commitment Chris Jones and Baylor wide receiver commitment Robbie Rhodes. When I first walked up to the practice field on day one I saw him and thought, "WHO is that??" Jones was pretty solid this week but it's amazing to think that just a month ago he only had one offer and most people didn't know his name. Jones is sure to have plenty of attention moving forward.

Rhodes was just outstanding all week. He did everything well and defenders just couldn't handle him. With plenty of big name wide receivers here, Rhodes is the name in my mind that is unexpectedly at the top of the list after this week.

Geoff Vogt

Chris Jones. You cant draw them up much better and he had an outstanding first day. While his play trailed off a bit, he has the potential to be a real difference maker.

Jason Higdon

Greg Gilmore: I was surprised how athletic he was at his size. I had him highly rated and for good reason but he exceeded expectations over the last 72 hours.

Stacy Coley: I was very disappointed with Coley this week. I had high hopes for him and expected to see him emerge this week and I can count on one hand how many balls he caught this week.

Bill Greene

I haven't see Artie Burns in over a year and I was surprised at how he has filled out. Now has the size to be a star at the safety position.

Of all the Michigan offensive line commits, Patrick Kugler was the one I knew the least about. After seeing him every day I'm convinced he's going to be an excellent pickup for them. Recommended Stories