Scouting Tony Conner

Antonio Conner

Antonio Conner was named Mr. Football in Mississippi for a reason. He simply is the best player and prospect in the state this year.

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Name: Antonio Conner
South Panola (MS)
6' 1", 200
Ole Miss, Alabama, LSU, Georgia, and MSU Ranking: #2 S / 5-Star live evaluation: Tony was simply Antonio during the 6A State Championship game. The play right before halftime was the highlight of the game for Conner. South Panola just scored to retake the lead before half. Brandon was trying to put up some points right before half and they threw a middle screen and Antonio just lit him up like a christmas tree. The crowd went nuts and it seemed to spark the Tigers in the second half.

What makes Conner so special is that he can cover ground like a corner and hit like a linebacker. He has the complete package for the next level and should be an immediate impact player next fall.


Coach Lance Pogue

"People always ask if he is the best one to come out of here (at South Panola), and I always tell them that if there is one better I sure have not seen him. Tony will greatly be missed next fall. It's hard to think about him not being here next year. We will miss him."


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