FSNextTV: Tony Bridges

FSNextTV: Tony Bridges

Hattiesburg's Tony Bridges is regarded as one of the top defensive backs in the state of Mississippi. Bridges will take part in the Mississippi/Alabama All-Star game in hopes of showing his skill against some of the best players in the south. See highlights of Bridges in action against Gulfport in this FOXSportsNext video presentation.

Tony Bridges is a very skilled corner who knows how to play the ball. Bridges has very good top end speed and the hips to change direction quickly.

Bridges does not see a lot of balls thrown to his side, but more times than not opposing offenses elect to throw underneath him with curls and comeback routes.

It is extremely rare for a receiver to run by Bridges in the vertical passing game.

When a quarterback gets a little sloppy, Bridges cleans up.

Before making an impact on the college level, Bridges will need to work on being more of a force in run support.

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